Rosemary's Gift

Rosemary's Gift 

This is the story of my "WHY" ; The reason why I have created these services.

Rosemary was my first baby, and was an honor to mother. She was present through many of my life's important and also most challenging times. Rosemary was a very sickly puppy and through it all, she was spectacular. She survived 8 years of constant vet visits, ailments, surgery and medications and never complained. She was (and is) pure sweetness and love.

In 2010 I had to make a speedy and unexpected decision for euthanasia, when Rosie's leg broke from undiagnosed bone cancer. Her death came at a particulartly trying time in my life (job loss, divorce, a human death) and felt like "the last straw". It was devastating and difficult to process her loss and I sank into a deep depression. [ If you are reading this and can relate, please know that you are NOT ALONE in this and there is help available for you.

Rosemary's gift was hidden in the trauma of her passing. After taking time to actively mourn her loss and evaluate my life at that time, I found myself questioning my purpose in this world. Every morning upon waking I would ask myself, "What is it, that I want to do with my life? What is going to make me happy?" After quiet introspection, the answer was always the same: over and over my quiet internal voice said, "I want to be around animals every day of my life." Without a doubt, the answer was to follow my joy and create the career of my dreams, focused around animals. So I set about to make that happen! 

I relocated cities, enrolled in veterinary technician school, became employed by a local holistic veterinarian, and after gaining hands-on experience launched my own animal care business. My huge-hearted, animal loving husband was eager to join me on this adventure, and in April of 2012 we launched Healing Hands Animal Care. 

My path now continues to develop and unfold, guided by the wisdom of the universe. Animal hospice and grief support has been a huge part of our business and I became a Certifed Pet Loss & Grief Professinal in August of 2016 through Coleen Ellis and Two Hearts Pet Loss Center.

I am currently enrolled in the UC Berkeley Extension : Professional Course in the Study of Loss and Grief.

Rosemary continues to be remembered daily in our family conversations. We find that talking about her keeps her memory alive. She inspires me on a daily basis to be the best human being I can be.

In Memory of Rosemary (2002-2010)